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Hiring Hospitality Manager/Operations Manager

Tailwind Short Term Rentals is hiring a talented person for an operations management role to assist on its short term rental (Airbnb) team. 

Tailwind Short Term Rentals


Company Background:

Tailwind Short Term Rentals is an Airbnb rental company in Columbus, Ohio that provides housing for travelers throughout their journey. With over 50 +units as of 2021 and plans to expand, Tailwind Short Term Rentals is looking to expand their team of friendly staff. We set up and manage Airbnbs, have a realtor team, and own rental properties ourselves.


Position Background:

Tailwind Short Term Rentals was looking to hire a full time hospitality manager/operations manager role to run our Airbnb hospitality company Tailwind Short Term Rentals. We currently manage over 50 short term rentals and are trying to grow to become the #1 in Columbus! This role will focus on designing and onboarding new Airbnbs, working with team members to handle day to day operations, and helping to grow the business. There is a lot of room for growth and for someone to have a lot of control over the product and day to day operations.


Position Summary

Location: Columbus, Ohio. Rentals located between German Village and Ohio State Campus.

Estimated Hours: 40hrs/week

Compensation: $20/hr (first 3 months will be 1099 then after will be W2), 7 days paid vacation. No health, dental, or eye insurance – potential to be provided after 6 months employment. Free real estate mentorship to help you purchase your first rental property.

Skills/Needs: Person will need to be very organized, responsive, a good communicator, good with microsoft excel/word, good problem solver, flexible to learning new things, and knowledgeable in maintenance such as basic plumbing, electric, home repair.

Requirements: Smart phone, reliable access to car, computer



Example of What Your Day Could Look Like

Short Term Rentals:

  • Working with designers, cleaners, movers, and maintenance team to furnish and launch new airbnb listings
  • Organize reports to review KPIs amongst team members
  • Completing property assessments to then route work orders to maintenance, cleaner, and designer on new Airbnb units
  • Working with designer to produce budgets and timelines
  • Ordering items for the Airbnb unit such as towels, sheets, utensils, blinds, etc
  • Creating standard ordering lists for onboarding and ongoing operations
  • Routing packages to the corresponding units
  • Organizing receipts and hours spent by project manager, maintenance, cleaner, and designer
  • Documenting photos and videos of the units prior to being listed so that our guest communications and team understands the inside of the unit and can assist with any guest issues that may arise
  • Coordinating with photographer to stage and photograph the unit
  • Working with operations team to make sure they have the information needed to list it on Airbnb
  • Setting up wifi and utilities for clients
  • Be available for emergencies

Application Questions:
*Please be sure to elaborate and have thorough answers*