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  •   Very awesome! I got married and honeymooned in Columbus this was the best decision I made! Book you will enjoy!

    thumb Melody

      AC didn’t work when I got there so they moved my to the adjacent apartment and that AC didn’t work either so I requested a refund and they happily agreed. And both of the units that I went to didn’t look like there photos. And I should have know better looking at the pictures because they were way too bright. The air vents had what looked like 5 years of dust build on them and there was marks on the walls that looked like someone’s kids had drawn on them light bulbs were missing in a few of the fixtures someone hair was still in the tubs drain and paint was flaking off the ceiling. I would not recommend but if they get a better cleaning service and do some routine maintenance this place could be really nice

    thumb Ricky
  •   The German Village is so beautiful. I enjoyed evening walks around the neighborhood and tried many local restaurants.

    thumb Sage

      Loved this place! I will surely stay again.

    thumb Jack
  •   Marc and Darius where very helpful and responsive. Excellent place to stay if you are looking for events in downtown Columbus.

    thumb Zack

      This is a great space to relax and unwind! The only television is in the dining area, so you are sure to get a good night’s sleep!

    thumb D
  •   Though the communication was great and host are kind & respectful during messaging-we felt that this place was certainly not what we paid for. We did get a partial refund (for cleaning fees), but had to ask for it several times before host agreed.

    After finding a few of their other properties (after stay) we see that we haven’t been the only ones to have a strangely similar experience - apartments not being clean (by minimal & basic hygienic standards). They do have many great reviews but please believe the poor ones!

    *They specifically asked us not to write a poor review.

    Examples from our stay alone: Dusty (noticeable on vents and most surfaces), fake eye lashes found, hair on floor in most rooms (wood, carpet & bathroom/shower), kitchen utensils dirty, splatters on walls where they shouldn’t be, photos not properly hung on walls, lightbulbs not in light fixtures, and bathroom trash still full. & wifi hardly worked, even after reset.

    Felt like half effort when promising high.

    thumb Jessie

      A great stay in a great location. Close to everything! Clean and spacious.

    thumb Simon
  •   beautiful cozy & comfortable place to stay! would definitely recommend 10/10

    thumb Whitley

      great place! definitely recommend

    thumb Whitley

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