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Hiring Accountant/Office Manager

Accountant/Office Manager



Tailwind Development Company is a rapidly growing real estate investment company that purchases outdated buildings and renovates them into beautiful rentals and manages the residents in those properties through short term rental and long term rental management. With close to 100 units under management, Tailwind is looking for a team member who is willing to grow with a company in a rapidly growing adaptive environment. We are looking for someone who wants to be a real anchor support role for the company and help all the areas of the business grow with detail oriented bookkeeping, office management, and human resources. 


Tailwind Development oversees a short term rental management, long term rental management, construction company, and real estate brokerage company. It is looking for people willing to adapt to a growing technology driven environment. You will work closely with local maintenance technicians, cleaners, managers, and virtual team members on a daily basis.

Tailwind is closer to a small startup work culture that is rapidly adapting to meet its customer and team’s needs. This small vibrant work culture is different than the traditional corporate setting which may be a great environment for you!

Daily Functions


  • Accounts Payable
    • Payroll of employees/subcontractors
    • Overseeing utilities are getting paid from proper bank accounts


  • Accounts Receivable
    • Receiving and depositing checks
    • Returning of purchased inventory


  • Bookkeeping
    • Overseeing the tracking down of receipts from employees/vendors
    • Organize credit cards, receipts, closing statements, employee forms, etc
    • Provide accounting assistance to Financial Controllers, Asset Managers and Operations Staff; respond to financial questions/concerns to meet business needs


Human Resources

  • Human Resources
  • Oversee payroll tax distribution, workers comp, insurance



  • Office Administration
    • Greet clients, employees, subcontractors
    • Organizing the office supplies, material, mail, and returns
    • Opening and closing office for the day
    • Oversee office cleanliness 
    • Designing filing systems
    • Assist in organizing company events

Property Management

  • Administration
    • Assisting with leasing operations by coordinating with tenants, keys, or handling showings
    • Assisting with maintenance routing operations
    • Assisting with turnover operations
    • Assisting with daily bookkeeping of long term rentals


Required Qualifications/Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or related field preferred, high school diploma required.


  • Strong proficiency in Quickbooks Online, Google Sheets, Google Drive file organization, and Microsoft Office mandatory. Experience with Slack, Asana, Zoom/GoogleMeet, Buildium/Appfolio, Guesty, Airbnb, Dext preferred.


  • Previous accounts payable, accounting/bookkeeping, and/or office admin experience strongly preferred.


  • Ability to learn new technology and adapt to a rapidly growing and changing environment.


  • Reliable vehicle and ability to open the office daily at 8:30am


Who You Are:

  • A detail oriented person. You understand the importance of data entry and following objective data entry rules to ensure data accuracy for all team members and reporting. You are willing to look at something that was incorrectly entered, understand why it was entered incorrectly, and create an objective rule to follow so that mistake isn’t made again by all team members.


  • A skillful executor. You plan ahead to meet deadlines and achieve goals on time. You manage tasks in a fast-paced environment with many moving pieces and stakeholders and ensure goals reach or surpass the finish line.


  • An adaptive learner. You are willing to learn new technologies through using the internet such as Google or Youtube. You are patient and willing to ask the right questions to get to the bottom of how a software works. You are open minded to understand how all stakeholders are affected by technology.


  • A supportive team player. You work effectively with others and go above and beyond to support the needs of your fellow coworkers. You are reliable and flexible and communicate effectively by communicating issues and challenges, listening, compromising, and seeking feedback. You are willing to hear out coworkers on their grievances and work through them with a calm level headed approach.


  • An analytical problem solver. You are patient and thorough in solving both complex and uncomplicated problems by making proper decisions given the information you have available. You know how to get to the root cause of why problems are occurring and able to modify standard operating procedures to resolve them. You keep calm when things get crazy and approach problems with viable solutions.




Pay starting at $60,000/yr with health/dental/vision benefits.

Application Questions:
*Please be sure to elaborate and have thorough answers*