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Hiring Airbnb Interior Designer

Tailwind Short Term Rentals

Tailwind Short Term Rentals is hiring an interior designer to furnish multiple Airbnb units, starting immediately. This is a part time contract position that could lead to a full time role. Great for someone who loves design and may have another job/in school.

Company Background:

Tailwind Short Term Rentals is an Airbnb rental company in Columbus, Ohio that provides housing for travelers throughout their journey. With over 100 units as of 2022, and plans to expand, Tailwind Short Term Rentals is looking to grow their team of friendly staff.

Job Description:

Hello designers!

We are looking to hire an Airbnb interior designer for our company Tailwind Short Term Rentals ( where we have over 100 short term Airbnb rentals in the Columbus, Ohio area. Our Airbnb’s are mainly studio and 1 bed apartments that are cute and cozy.

We’re looking to hire another designer to keep in our rotation of interior designers. As we grow this has the potential to lead into a full time role but is mainly part time contract work for now. The project is designing studio and 1bd units that need to be decorated with decor, accent pieces, wall art, etc. We have already purchased the standard items (I.e silverware, microwaves, towels, basic sheets, cups, plates, etc.) but we need a designer to do the FUN and CREATIVE aspect to the unit.

How the job will work is that we will walk you through the units and show you the space so you can take necessary measurements and get a feel for the space. We will then give you a budget and tell you to purchase the necessary design pieces such as duvet covers, accent pillows, artwork, wall art, accessories, shower curtains, rug, curtains, etc. After ordering the design pieces, you’ll have to bring them to the unit and set them up (or if pictures need to be hung tell our handyman where to hang them) as well as unbox the standard items such as the plates, cups, etc and put those items throughout the room in a fashionable and design oriented way. This will allow you full control on how you want the room to look. If you want the bed to be moved or the desks to be rearranged we can move everything how you see fit!

Apply @ this link now (you’ll hear back with 24 hrs):

Compensation: $225 for studio Apartments, $300 for 1 bedroom, Additional $14 per hour for assembling furniture, painting,  etc…

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A sample of our Airbnb listings can be found here:

Apply @ this link now (you’ll hear back with 24 hrs):

Job Types: Part-time, Temporary, Contract

Job Types: Part-time, Contract

Application Questions:
*Please be sure to elaborate and have thorough answers, but no need to extremely lengthy responses*