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Hospitality Operations Manager ⚡️

Does real estate, travel, and hospitality excite you?

Would you love to create beautiful spaces and have a positive impact on people?

Do you have prior experience in property management?

This position could be for you!

Company Background:

Tailwind Short Term Rentals is a real estate & hospitality business in Columbus, Ohio that seeks to enable positive life-changing experiences for others through accessible rental spaces. Join our team of innovative problem-solvers to help accommodate the modern dweller, and connect them with new & positive experiences.

Hiring Operations Manager at Tailwind Short Term Rentals!

We are seeking a motivated, well-organized, energetic, and people-focused leader to manage the daily operations of a fast-growing portfolio of short and medium term rentals in Columbus, Ohio. You will be managing housekeeping operations, ongoing & emergency maintenance, and the guest experience with the help of a virtual assistant – effectively resolving problems to ensure a smooth, positive guest experience and maintain a happy & healthy team of staff. Design, 5-star hospitality, organization, attention to detail, and hustle are deeply woven into this person’s DNA. Quick and creative problem-solving is their JAM.

You are…

  • A self-starter who is excited to work in a fast-paced environment and is comfortable context switching frequently
  • Strong, independent problem solver and collaborative team player
  • Someone with intuitive sense for prioritization and execution
  • Knack for detail and efficient execution of tasks
  • Able to anticipate others’ needs and think outside the box
  • Able to work weekends and holidays
  • Able to say no graciously

With experience in…

  • Hospitality and customer service
  • Property management & home maintenance
  • Team management, hiring housekeepers & contractors, identifying talent
  • Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway, YourPorter, Property Management Software
  • With the above stated, we are open to candidates of all backgrounds and encourage you to apply if interested!


  • $17-19/hr — 40 hours per week.
  • Paid bi-weekly direct deposit as W-2.
  • Bonus programs based on performance.
  • Paid vacations.
  • Professional & personal development.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Utilize internal software tools, applications, and processes to solve problems efficiently and effectively, and provide a superior guest experience.
  • Familiarize and actively participate in rate strategy, revenue management, and reservation management as it relates to the systems and softwares mentioned above to meet and exceed profit targets.
  • Manage the housekeeping team to ensure all properties are clean and home-ready for guest arrivals.
  • Coordinate maintenance staff and contractors to ensure properties are in proper home-ready condition (up to brand standards). Identify repairs and maintenance as needed.
  • Assist in scaling the team and building new processes specific to the unique challenges of the local market and improve operations.
  • Conduct inspections and coordinate the designer, photographer, maintenance, and cleaning team for the onboarding of new properties.
  • Understand and practice local and state regulations pertaining to short term rentals.
  • Mitigate guest concerns in an empathetic, timely, and effective manner.
  • Easily jump into the day-to-day work when an extra hand is needed.


Looked through today’s cleaning schedule and made sure all cleans are appropriately delegated to the cleaning team.

Coordinated and scheduled 2 maintenance issues brought to attention by virtual assistants using PM Software. One of these is urgent as the AC is blowing warm air (with a clean filter). Find and purchase a new AC on FB marketplace. Contact maintenance to pick up and install the new AC.

Reviewed maintenance applications and made a few calls for initial phone interviews.

OSU football game was announced as cancelled. Adjusted the weekend rates for short term rental listings using pricing software.

Reviewed the calendar and noticed low occupancy for the next 2 weeks. Lowering base rates and adjusting pricing/marketing strategies to capture more demand and meet revenue targets.

Designer finished her work and made the new property photo-ready. Scheduled the photographer to come in and take photos. Met with the photographer, and did a final check to make sure the property was ready for photos.

Received guest complaints about noise in the neighborhood and cleanliness of street and common areas. Empathized with the guest, and mitigated their concern by connecting, sincerely apologizing, and providing a small refund for the inconvenience. Offering earplugs if the noise has affected their sleep (Assistant would handle most of this, but refunds are approved by manager). Coordinated to have street and common area cleaned, and created a recurring schedule for upkeep.

Assistant relayed a message from a guest about a cracked window. Contacted owner and arranged for the window to be replaced.

Receiving a message from a virtual assistant regarding a smoke alarm going off at one of the properties at 10pm. Picked up a 9V battery from the inventory closet, and headed to property to replace the battery for the guest.


Application Questions:
*Please be sure to elaborate and have thorough answers, but no need to extremely lengthy responses*