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Hiring Maintenance Person

Company Background:

Tailwind Short Term Rentals is a real estate & hospitality company in Columbus, Ohio that provides accessible rentals for travelers throughout their journey. With over 40 units as of 2020 and plans to expand, Tailwind is looking to grow their amazing team of friendly staff to help accommodate the modern dweller.

Help us make Columbus feel alive again.

Position Background:

Tailwind Short Term Rentals manages 40 rental units in Columbus from the Short North and Ohio State campus to German Village. We are looking to hire a maintenance person on a part-time basis for a mix of on-call and scheduled home maintenance. You will be be completing on-call service requests and scheduled punch-out lists. You will receive hourly compensation for time spent coming out and completing the job. Most work will be between 12pm-5pm. Paid weekly. Tell us what days you’d like to work and we’ll fill them with hours. We need a problem-solver who can get things done on time.

This is perfect for someone who already has a part-time job in home maintenance or handywork who is looking to add hours. As we continue to grow our portfolio of properties and volume of work, we intend to bring this maintenance person on full-time under salary. The maintenance tasks needed will generally be very basic home repairs such as included below.

Maintenance Task Examples (could include others):

– Re-caulk shower
– Replace shower head
– Unclog drains
– Fix door not shutting properly
– Mount picture using drywall anchors
– Mount things on concrete
– Patch small hole in wall
– Light furniture repair
– Paint touch-up
– Replace shower diverter
– Replace thermostat
– Replace lightbulb
– Replace toilet wax ring
– Replace toilet fill valve
– General toilet maintenance
– Replace window AC unit
– Shutting off breaker box to fix something basic


– Reliable access to a car so can drive to rental locations
– Flexibility with hours, maintenance issues generally need to be fixed between 11-4pm, but can sometimes arise 4-10pm after a guest has checked in.
– Your own tools that would be required for the above-mentioned tasks.

Skills Needed:

– Basic plumbing knowledge (I.e how to snake a drain, how to check p-trap, how to change toilet wax ring, understanding of using white plumbers tape, etc)
– Basic electrical understanding (I.e How to shut off a breaker in order to replace a light switch)
– Ability to show up on time and on a short times notice, this could mean at 8am or 8pm at night

The basic compensation is $20.00/hr, but will offer up to 25.00/hr. Any work done after 6:00pm at night will be paid $30.00/hr.
Job Type: Part-time
Paid weekly as 1099 contractor.

Application Questions:
*Please be sure to elaborate and have thorough answers, but no need for extremely lengthy responses*