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Hiring Airbnb Interior Designer

Tailwind Short Term Rentals

Company Background:

Tailwind Short Term Rentals is a short term furnished rental company in Columbus, Ohio that connects travelers to local experiences through hospitality. With over 100 units as of 2022, and plans to expand, Tailwind Short Term Rentals is looking to grow their team of friendly staff.


Job Summary

Tailwind Short Term Rentals is hiring interior designers to assist in renovating a 14-unit residential apartment building into a boutique hospitality concept that is not like a traditional hotel. This building is on the heart of Ohio State’s campus. We will work with interior designers and local artists to make all 14 units unique design experiences. We hope to be able to connect travelers to the local experiences that our wonderful city of Columbus has to offer. Think – a mural of a skyline of downtown Columbus that highlights the bike path, river, skyline, and parks BUT it has QR codes integrated into the mural which allows travelers to scan the mural and a webpage/app will pop up with “local 2hr paddleboard through down tours”, “self guided bike path tour”, “self guided brewery hop”, “list of live concerts in columbus this month”, “best parks to rock climb in the city”, etc. The overall goal is to make the units look beautiful AND also connect them to local experiences/history of Columbus. This does not have to be a mural necessarily, that is just one idea. We hope to work with the designer on unique “experience connecting” concepts to integrate into the units, hallways, stairwells, and courtyards.

The interior designer will work on the project in two phases – first construction/renovation phase where they will work with the construction manager and renovation crew to select materials and design layouts. The second phase will be furnishing design where they will work with the short term rental operations manager to furnish the unit, engage local muralists/artists for unique accent exhibits, and make the unit ready for guests to stay.

This will not just be a “sit behind the computer and do mockups” role, this will be a hands on role where the designer will help with the material selection, ordering, ensuring it arrives into the correct unit and ensuring it is satisfactory to the designers desires. You will have the creative freedom to see a unit from “blank” to creative design product. You will learn a lot about how to work and communicate with contractors and construction managers and learn how to work with budgets, timelines, and achieve holistic design vision for a fourteen-unit boutique hospitality experience.



We are looking for someone to start this weekend/next week (May 9th) as we are beginning the demo stage next week tearing out old carpets and debris. 3 of the studio units are vacant as of now. The rest become vacant on June 1st. The plan is to assign 1 designer to a maximum 3 units at a time to ensure they can complete the project on time and without them being too stressed/design constrained. If the designer is moving along quickly and comfortably, there will be room to give them additional units/spaces.

There are 14 studio/1bd units, 2 hallways, 1 interior stairwell, 1 exterior stairwell, 14 parking spaces, a back patio area, and 2 “courtyards” that can be viewed from windows but can’t actually be walked on.



Construction Phase: 

  • $800 per UNIT (estimated 40hrs per unit x $20/hr) + $16/hr furniture assembly, custom painting, artistic creations (i.e. sculpture, mural, etc)
  • $500 per HALLWAY/STAIRWELL (estimated 25hrs per unit x $20/hr) + $16/hr furniture assembly, custom painting, artistic creations (i.e. sculpture, mural, etc)


Furnished Rental Phase: 

  • $600 per studio/1bd unit (estimated 30hrs per unit x $20/hr) + $16/hr furniture assembly, custom painting, unique accent wall designs, artistic creations (i.e. sculpture, mural, etc)


Phase 1: Construction

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Room layout
    • Work with the construction manager on room layouts
    • Identifying location of washer/dryer hookups
    • Kitchen layouts
    • Bathroom layouts
    • Bedroom layouts
  • Select material, fixtures, and design accent pieces
    • Flooring, Tile 
    • Paint colors
    • Vanities, cabinets, islands, countertops, cabinet Knobs
    • Shower/bath/kitchen fixtures
    • Interior/exterior doors
    • Lighting 
  • Engage local artists/creators to make the space unique 
    • Source local muralists/creators who can do custom art inside/outside the units to make the space unique 
    • We want to connect 
  • Ensure any design material orders get into the correct units and will fit
    • If you order faucets for example, you need to take the correct measurements and make sure the faucet will actually fix. If it doesn’t, you will need to return it and order a new one. We do not want material just lying around unused because the designer did not take the correct measurements
  • Providing receipts and documentation of orders on a daily/weekly basis so our finance team can close out the books weekly


Phase 2: Furnishing

Roles and Responsibilities

After you have assisted with the renovation design of the space, we will then have you furnish the space! We will give you a budget and let you purchase the necessary design pieces such as duvet covers, accent pillows, artwork, wall art, accessories, shower curtains, rug, curtains, etc. After ordering the design pieces, you’ll have to bring them to the unit and set them up as well as unbox the standard items such as the plates, cups, etc and put those items throughout the room in a fashionable and design oriented way. This will allow you full control on how you want the room to look.

  • Ordering furniture
    • Taking necessary measurements and ordering bed frames, headboards, couches, desks, lamps, night stands, rugs, coffee tables, accent pieces, design accessories, curtains, duvet covers
    • Standard items such as pots, pans, silverware, plates etc will be ordered by our operations manager so you do NOT need to worry about that little stuff
  • Being able to hang basic pictures/do basic assembly
    • Need to know how to hang basic pictures and do basic assembly of items/furniture. We will have maintenance available for help if absolutely needed but they will mainly be overseeing rehab
  • Being able to order items from a computer and see that they get returned if they’re not used
    • You will be given a company Amazon/Walmart account and company credit card
  • Working with local artists
    • This is NOT mandatory but we would like you to engage local artists/muralists if needed to make the units an “experience”

Application Questions:
*Please be sure to elaborate and have thorough answers, but no need to extremely lengthy responses*